2017 JH Flute All-Region

Yeah flute all region music!


Work each piece one at a time. Don’t try to do all of this in one day every day!!

Make sure you have a Junior High All-Region Scale Sheet


*****Before you start, number all of your measures and number each line in each exercise. I reference measure number and line numbers in each piece!*****

Page 14 # 48 Bb Major 3rds

Before you practice this exercise, make sure you can play the Bb Major scale all the way up to high Bb and back down. Remember the goofy fingerings to high A and high Bb.

a and Bb fingering

Once you have refreshed your memory of fingers, practice the thirds slowly and steadily.

Then once you feel comfortable with the notes playing them slow start to play them a little bit faster each time.

Page 55 #27 Allegro

Since this exercise is in D Major, play the D Major scale to remember f#’s and c#’s!!

Take a pencil and mark all the f#’s and c#’s.

D Major all-region

  1. Practice this exercise slowly and without grace notes
  2. Once you can play this confidently and steadily, put the grace notes back in.
  3. When you put the grace notes back in, the first note of every measure still has to come on the down beat!

Page 27 #8 Allegretto

This piece looks like a duet, only play the top part. Mark out the second part.

What is 6/8??? DON’T FREAK OUT. Count to 6.   1 2 3 4 5 6.    There are 6  8th note (eighth notes) in each measure.


THEN Count to 6 like this. 1 2 3 4 5 6. Emphasize 1 and 4 and feel it in 2.


  1. Count through the piece before you play it. It will make it easier to play!
  2. Ms. 1 G# is the same thing as Ab.
  3. Line 4 Ms.  2 Db is the same thing as C# (pinky only)
  4. Line 5. The rall.  is very important. Make sure to gradually slow down before you hold out the formata fermata.
  5. Last two lines (5 and 6) after the fermata, is just a repeat of the beginning!

Page 51 # 14 Allegretto mosso

Here we have another 6/8 exercise. Count it the same way as the other 6/8. First as 1 2 3 4 5 6. Then emphasize  23 4 56.

Allegretto mosso

  1. Since there are 16th notes in this one, I encourage you to count it like 1 2 3 4 5 6 for a while. It will make the triplets easier also. BUT keep in mind that it will need to go faster later on.
  2. Count the triplets tripletslowly. trip-o-let trip-o-let. Then 1-o-let 2-o-let 3-o-let and so on.


  1. Count all of number 14 using 1 2 3 4 5 6 and the trip-o-let.
  2. Don’t try to play it until you have counted all the way through it.


  1. line 1 c# (pinky)
  2. line 2 ms. 3 D# is just like Eb
  3. line 3 ms. 3 G3 is just like Ab      C# (pinky)

Page 40 # 20 Adagio

This piece looks like a duet, only play the top line. Mark out the bottom part.

This exercise is in 3. So there are 3 quarter notes in each measure.

1 2 3       1+2+3+                1e+a   2e+a   3e+a

This is the slow, pretty piece. Use as much VIBRATO as possible. Dynamics are MUST and will give you an leg up on others who don’t use it. Judges will listen for dynamics and vibrato in this one.

Arrows are where you foot taps. Play those notes when you foots taps the ground.


  1. Count it all the way through first before you play it.
  2.  Play through slowly and make sure you hold out the dotted notes long enough!
  3. This number is in g minor. Look on you Junior High All-Region Scale Sheet and play the second scale.


  1. Take out grace notes and don’t play the trills until you can play the piece steady and the notes and rhythms are steady.
  2. line 3 ms. #3 — Use the first trill key as the trill and as the grace note. You are trilling to a D anyway so use the same trick for the grace note.  So start will the trill key down then go to C and start to trill.       trill
  3. Line 5 first ms. make sure to hold the dotted 8th note long enough and the 32nd notes are played almost as your foot comes down for the next beat.
  4. Line 5 ms. #6. The 6-let happens in 1 beat. So it happens fast. Count it as 1    trip-o-let trip-o-let    3 . The 2 triplets are to help you count it easier, but all 6 notes have to happen in 1 beat.
  5. last line ms. #3. Trill from A to Bb. Use Bb thumb and go between A and Bb. Moving the middle finger on your left hand.