I had the opportunity to go to a music conference and was exposed to so many great education strategies and had a great time while I was there.

arkmea 4

It didn’t matter what instrument you played or part you sang, being a music educator was the importance of this conference. One great thing about the conference was being able to hear Victor Wooten talk about music. The first session I was at he talked about music and how the bass has influenced music. Although I do play the flute, everything he talked about and was explaining was so cool and was something I could relate to. It was so cool how he would ask a question about a song or a musician and people would know what he was alluding to. And when we didn’t know what it was all he had to do was play a couple of notes and the light bulb went on. He also talked about overtones on a bass and when that was first tried. Although some of these aspects don’t relate to me personally, I paid attention to how he was talking and reacting to people. Everyone was paying attention to him and learning in some way. There were also volunteers who went up and sang and also had a good time.

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The next session I attended was Salsa for kids. This was so much fun. We got to met Freddie the frog and learn about the newest book he was in. This book obviously had a Latin twist to it. There were lots of different percussion instruments that were used with different rhythms that went with a salsa step. It was also very interactive and would be great for any music class really. Some parts could be taken out for K-3 to make it easier for them.

arkmea 5arkmea 6


I got to play with drums next which was my favorite. We learned raps about respect and responsibility. They were created by Dancing Drums for inner city kids which taught them about these things. They also learned about being healthy and keeping there body healthy. I got to play small wood blocks, a djembe,  and an assortment of percussion instruments.

arkmea 2arkmea 7

I am learning more and more that there is definitely more then one way to teach music. I have learned some great interactive ways to do it. Whether it be how to engage my class and how to keep there attention; or how to incorporate dancing, playing a percussion instrument and remembering my rhythm; or helping teach students to respect there body and others through awesome percussion rhythms and raps! I very much enjoyed my time at the convention and can’t wait to go again!


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