Rethinking music education

I did a precis on an article from Segue! Here it is so you can see it.

  1. Taylor, R. (2015, September). Rethinking music education in the 21st century. Segue, 28-30.
  2. Rod Taylor writes a great essay called Rethinking Music Education in the 21st century (11 October 2015) explains that the use of traditional pedagogy can be successfully combined with new and innovative ways of teaching music.
  • “Beginners” already experienced in music
  • Including what beginners know to what is new
  • Students should contribute to their music education
  • Privilege playing
  • Lecturing music should include playing music! (Students retain when they play)
  • Listen to others, even in an ensemble
  • Music educators should explore the psychological and emotional aspects of music
  • Transform audience with emotion and psychological connections
  1. Of course I already knew that there is more than one way to do many things, I should have thought the same about music. This article has helped me realize that I can teach music in many ways and hopefully will help more students learn. I hope I will be able to teach students that being a beginner doesn’t mean they are starting over learning music, only adding to their knowledge. I also want to teach that performing their music should be done just as much as they practice. If I performed more I wouldn’t be as afraid to play in front of people
  2. “When people decide to pursue music education, though, as teachers we often tend to think of them as “beginners,” and we do worse when we treat them as such. Rather, we should point out that they are quite experienced in music; they’re just beginning to express it in a way or on a particular instrument that may be new to them” (pg 29).

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