Weather song with boomwhackers!

This is a lesson I created to make music with BoomWhackers!

  1. Sing Weather Song. Today we are going to make music with BoomWhackers! But we need to learn our song first, so let’s sing the Weather Song. Sing it a couple of times to get it learned then once without the words or notation.

Here is a recording of the song so you can listen to it!

weather song clip art

2. Discuss how the beginning sounds different then the end. What makes the beginning sound different from the end? Lets play with the BoomWhackers and think about the different sound and feeling.

3. Hand out notes A, C, G, E, C, D, F. Play the melody with the appropriate pitched note. Play it once without singing then add the words in the second time.  Now we are going to play the melody! Play the notes that are the same color as your  BoomWhacker!


weather song

4.  Making a pitch on each quarter note to keep a steady beat.  What value of note is helping us keep the steady beat?  That’s right, it is a quarter note. How many quarter notes are in a measure? That’s right there are 4! So that means this song is in 4/4 time.

4. Pass out B whacker. Add chord tones for am, C, F, dm, G7.

5. Discuss the chord notes of each five chords.  The a minor chord has A, C, and E.  The d minor chord has D, F, and A. The C major chord has C, E, and G. The F major chord has F, A, and C. And G7 chord has G, B, D, and F. This chord helps up get from one feeling or sound to the other. 

6. Play the weather song again and add the chord tones. Now play your note whenever it fits with the chord. If you have an A BoomWhacker you are going to play on the A, D, and F. Does anyone have any questions?


Weather Song chords

7. Discuss again how it sounds different. Major and minor are different sounding and make you feel different. Can we tell why the beginning and end sound different yet?The beginning is in a minor key. We are playing a minor. Does it feel like the clouds are covering the sun? Then we have the G7 chord the change our mood and we go to a major key! The major key sounds happy like when the sun comes out.

8. Adding a student playing the melody on bells and all the other students playing the chords.

The student will Identify symbols and terms; time signature.               P.5.3.2

The student will Describe the manner in which a response to music can be informed by specific musical concepts; elements of music.                                                               R.7.3.2


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