Lesson based on a book!

  by Marcus Pfister, Published by North-South Books 1992

Don’t have the book? Here is a link so you can listen to it being read!


DId you know that there are over 230,000 species of fish in the sea?

This is a Tuna Fish!

There are also other creatures that live in the ocean like:

Whales.       What is the name of the biggest whale?

And dolphins!      Can you think of anything else that lives in the ocean?



Sing: “Under the Sea”, “Baby Beluga”,”Slippery Fish”


UTS   Under the Sea YouTube Video


Listen: Pines of Rome-Fantasia 2000 , Brian Balmages-Dolphins at Play, Debussy-La Mer (The Sea) Play of the Waves

Listen to Play Of The Waves!


Instruments: Keep a steady beat on bells with any rhythm to sound like fish!  And keep a beat on non-pitched percussion instruments with a special rhythm to sound like bubbles.

Create our own under the sea music!

Use this background of rolling waves while you makes bubbles and fish sounds!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PyLgaqvYhA

Rhythm: Playing one rhythm on instruments if you are “bubbles” and keeping one rhythm on instruments if you are the “fish”.

Movement: Moving like a fish and other sea creatures while reading the book and singing our songs.

Art: Students will make their own rainbow fish with scales! Each student will make 7 shiny scales to put on their fish. They will also get a major or minor scale and write the 7 notes that are in their scale on their fish.

Major scale clip artrainbow fish craft

Math: Students will count out 7 shiny scales on their fish.


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