So everyone uses Skype and face time, but there are also many other video chatting software! There are also so many uses for video conferences.

Zoom was fast and easy to sign up for (free) and it was so easy to use! In class we utilized this software and used it! The quality wasn’t bad and it was so easy to hear the other person. There was barely any time lag, I didn’t even notice.

Many people don’t realize the great uses of video chatting. It would be great to use in an internship that is far away from the college. Driving wouldn’t be necessary for either party and the ease of use is incredible. It can be great for music in many ways. I have had Skype lessons and I know that it would be just as great in Zoom.  There are also situations when students are home-bound. They shouldn’t be limited to learning music, Zoom or any other program can greatly helping giving them an amazing opportunity.

Screenshot_2015-04-06-18-36-01 Screenshot_2015-04-06-18-35-14 unnamed


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