MuseScore vs. Noteflight

There are many many composition and music writing tools and software out on the web. MuseScore, like Noteflight, is free; these, personally, are the best kind! I know I have already written about Noteflight, but it isn’t the only one out there. So to refresh our memory;


1. simple and easy for beginners

2. Could be used for quick writing if you don’t want to scroll through the list of 100’s of instruments.

3. It is all around more simple, and easier to understand.


1. Has a HUGE database for sheet music

2. More instrument choices for large a composition work.

3. Although it could be more difficult to use, it has a great “Getting Started” tutorial.

I had a hard time using some music software, but MuseScore wasn’t too bad. In just a few minutes I was able to create the beginning of a woodwind choir inspired the amazing warm weather!

MuseScore link!

 Real Ta Da!


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