My musical journey.

Although I wasn’t the most talented musician from the get go, I have grown to develop love for music in many ways.  I chose the flute in the 6th grade and have been playing ever since. I loved the fact that I was actually learning to play an instrument and able to make a sound. Through hard work and countless hours of practice in a practice room, I think I have become a decent player. I very much like the challenge of music I have never played before and overcoming the challenge. In my high school, during the senior year, interning is an option. I got to intern with the Junior High director and a few times got to go to the elementary school. I absolutely loved being in the younger classroom. I smiled from ear to ear the whole time.

My music teachers of course influenced me in my thoughts about teaching music and music in general. Especially Mr. Maxwell who taught me how to play the flute. Teaching me to learn music  by always believing I was the best, because I sure didn’t think I was capable of being the best, was one of the ways he shaped me into becoming the musician I am today. Pushing me to challenge myself with auditions and learning new music was also very helpful in my musical en devours.



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